Day 1: Dallas -> Washington DC

We have left DFW and are now on our epic journey to Kathmandu. After all this time and work put into the Red Thread Movement, we finally get to go and see the fruits of our labor. We have long anticipated being able to put a concrete place to the names we’ve been talking about and to put real faces to the people. This trip is much needed as we progress in developing this outreach and will no doubt give us an ample supply of motivation as we continue.

We tried to develop Red Thread in a way that allows us to be transparent to our supporters. Our desire is to make it possible for them to have a personal connection with the cause. We want them to see the pictures, hear the stories, and have the most recent updates on current situations in the lives of these Nepalese girls who are in such a great need for genuine love and for justice. That is why this trip is so important, we will finally have the chance to share their world with thousands across the world and to experience that world for ourselves.

I never feel more alive than when I’m traveling. The world is suddenly more vast and more exciting. There are new people to meet, things to experience, places to see, food to eat. Everything about it is wonderful to me. It is especially different taking a trip of this nature in the winter, in the midst of the typical winter lull where activity seems to cease and all I desire is to do nothing. This is a vast change in the routine.

Three of us met up at DFW and easily caught our non-stop to DC which, to our delight, was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Another teammate had no problem getting out of Chicago and arrived ahead of us. Our flight attendant stopped by our aisle to ask us safety questions, since we were on the exit row, and he inquired about one girl’s age. He turned bright red when she said she was 22. We couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when we discovered the minimum age for exit row seating is FIFTEEN! I love the group I’m with, we have a really excellent team and I’m so blessed to be able to travel with each of these women.

We spent New Years in the lobby of our hotel where someone was hosing a New Years celebration. They kindly equipped with party hats and horns and we saw in the new year with some new friends.

We are picking up our final teammate at the airport at noon and we depart this evening. Our next stop is Kuwait, then Bahrain, and then Delhi before we finally arrive in Kathmandu!



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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

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