Alive Festival- Mineral City, Ohio

We headed to Ohio this past week for the Alive Festival. It rained on and off, but, despite the muddy playground inside the merch tent, there were some upsides. When the downpours would come, masses would cram inside the merch tent to wait out the storm. There was a group of people crowded up next to our table so I offered them some reading material for the wait and they gladly accepted. Awareness spread. 🙂

We met some awesome people, some shared some really touching stories with us about pasts of sexual abuse.

One of our new friends even returned the next day with a poem about Red Thread:

How can we help the red thread? To stop this problem, where will we be led?

It may be to sacrifice yourself and time, or maybe to write a little rhyme.

You know we could all buy a wrist band, and that’ll help stop kids from being sold into a new land.

There is also some really cool clothes, now if you get those,

be ready to stand up and explain, why this topic shouldn’t be considered mundane.

Get ready to tell them what the problem is, and how to stop this horrible biz.

Anything helps: volunteering, purchases, and prayer time.

So what will you do to stop the sex trafficking crime?


I was also able to finally meet Todd from iTickets in person, he stopped by the table as we were doing part of our podcast video.

Seabird had a stunning performace the first night, and sent quite a few fans our way.

We were also mentioned on RadioU’s morning show and by a speaker on one of the stages.

Dawn from Fireflight passed by our table and gave us a fist pump and Hello Somebody came by our table later and said that she came over to them and said, “I love the Red Thread Movement.” ha ha, we love her too. The Fireflight street team frequented our table and became good friends of ours, they had picked up their bracelets last year from Don’t Wake Aislin and were sporting the second edition Red Thread bracelets ha ha.

We ended up bringing in around $2,800 and almost selling out of bags! By the end of the week, the crowd was speckled with red bracelets and several youth groups joined the Red Thread forces. We also were excited to add To Every Cynic to Red Thread Music. They are a great group of guys on fire for what God has planned for them and a huge heart for the cause.

As for other Red Thread news, we are now excited to announce that we will have our own official FREE office space courtesy of ACU. They wanted to ask us personally if we were interested and we were quick to take them up on the offer! Abilene Christian University has been a huge help to us this past year and they’re pulling through yet again!



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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

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