Working the Underground- Cornerstone Festival, Illinois

What an incredible week!

After leaving Alive Festival, K and I met up with Red Thread supporting members, Sound the Ruin and Harp and Lyre, in Urbana, IL and joined them for the last couple nights of their tour to Cornerstone.

This year at Cstone, Red Thread sponsored the Underground Stage. We set up the booth the second day of the festival and it was pretty slow-moving at first.

Cornerstone welcomed us warmly

 However, there were a lot of supporting bands playing that I was able to finally meet and it was a blessing to get to know them all! We truly have an incredible group of supporters that stand behind us with everything they have. I can’t even describe their passion and kindness towards this cause! It was fun being able to hang out with them all week.

The last two days we saw a drastic change, and it served as proof that effective marketing can make all the difference. I spoke with some good folks at Frontgate media, who were organizing part of the festival, and they gave me some onstage time. I spoke on the mainstage after our buddies in Seabird played and before Blindside came on. We also had G speak for us on the Underground before a few sets and, that night, we more than doubled our sales!

Underground packed for the Chariot

I asked to speak again the next night and they put me on mainstage before the headliner. I also spoke three times on the Underground and was allowed to go up before the Chariot, the big Encore show of the final night, when the tent was packed, and tell people a little about the situation in Nepal. God provided so faithfully and we pulled through with a strong ending. The final day we welcomed 5 new bands on the spot and I got to meet and watch many other supporting bands.

River James

This week we added Sheridan, Love Out Loud, Cardboard Cutout, Mouth of the South (is back!), Red Morning Voyage, Heavy Hearts, With Tempest, and Adelaine among others still coming in!

We had some interesting people stop by our table, including a missionary from Portugal who organizes music festivals and is going to begin selling Red Threads over there!

Batwoman took over the booth for awhile

God was definately moving throughout the week. We had a blast, and ended up becoming good friends with the stage crew at the Underground. When we came to Chicago after we got to look around the JPUSA facility, it’s such a cool place!!

Today, we begin the first day of our Warped Tour marathon. My brother is joining me on the road and we drove through the night to Indiana. Can’t wait for round 2 of the summer tour!



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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

One response to “Working the Underground- Cornerstone Festival, Illinois

  • iwu2012breanna

    You guys seem awesome! I’m going to Cornerstone this year, I don’t know if you are coming again, but I’m glad to find out about your organization and glad you got all those opportunities, keep up what you are doing!

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