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Brandon Taylor

Just this past spring, the Minority Organization of Architecture, Art, and Planning (MOAAP) at Cornell University took a grand idea under their wing as they helped launch the first ever Red Thread Benefit Formal.

MOAPP leadership

With help from Cornell’s Big Red Relief, the event informed the Cornell community about how they can make a difference in ending sex trafficking in South East Asia. Throughout the month of April, MOAAP and Big Red Relief took time to sell the Red Thread bracelets made in safe houses in Nepal by rescued victims of sex trafficking.

Students from MOAPP and Big Red Relief

Each bracelet sale went to support efforts in Nepal rescuing up to 200 girls a month from human trafficking; therefore, every Cornell student who helped to support the event made a huge difference in many lives not only through a small donation, but also through learning more about such an important crime that is preventable.

Cornell students at the Formal

The Red Thread Benefit Formal was formatted to educate, entertain, and empower the Cornell community. The evening consisted of dancing and singing ensembles, a catered reception, a keynote address by Brittany Partridge, and a presentation given by Cornell University Professor Andrea Parrot, who is known for her research on women’s health and violence against women around the world.

Brittany Partridge, Red Thread Co-Founder

All in all, the focus of the performances and speakers were to glorify the beautiful power that women hold and refocus that energy to help the many young girls who have lost sight of that. Collectively, the Cornell community raised over $1,100 for the cause and were proud to donate all of those funds to the Red Thread Movement.

Sitara performing at the Formal

In the coming academic year, MOAAP will continue to sell the Red Thread bracelets at Cornell and educate more of the student body on this growing movement. Raising awareness and promoting advocacy non-profit organizations, such as the Red Thread Movement, is the best way to collectively and safely work to put a stop to human trafficking. We stand for those who feel silenced. We wear freedom.

Absolute A Cappella performing at the Formal


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