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“Safe” Home and Sewing Center

Here is a post from our partner organization, Eternal Threads, about the projects and progress going on in Nepal.

Eternal Threads

From the Founder. Nepal

I guess learning to sew in 4-H when I was 9 years old is paying off even though I haven’t had time to use my own sewing machine for years. I recently spent 2 days in Kathmandu, Nepal sourcing fabric, product ideas and materials for the sewing center we want to establish at one of the safe houses for rescued girls. Somewhat laborious, time-consuming and often frustrating, but necessary to our process. Now it’s all coming together as we begin to set up the sewing center at the safe house.

In our world, a “safe” home constitutes one free of any and all potential dangers from accidents or mishaps. We attempt to cover all the bases…covers on electrical outlets, cleaning supplies in locked cabinets, non-slip rugs and floors, alarm systems and more. Most homes in the rest of the world don’t have the luxury of such…

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HELLO we are Zeta Rho

My name is Shawna and I’ve been involved with RTM since, well, the beginning.

My college roommate at Abilene Christian University and I recently re-chartered a “social club”(sorority) called Zeta Rho.

We strive to be a serviced based and Christ centered group. We have a bunch of amazing of girls that keep surprising me with their outstanding hearts for God and for people.

We wanted to select a not for profit organization that we could focus on for the semester and, after a unanimous decision, the girls chose to help the Red Thread Movement.

For one of our regular pledging activities this semester, we will be working at the warehouse threading bracelets for the RTM team since we know they can always use the help.

This past Saturday, however, they were waiting on a new shipment so they didn’t have any work for us. Instead, we ended up writing encouraging notes and letters to the Red Thread girls letting them know how much we appreciate them and how big a difference they really are making.

Before we were a social club, we were a service organization. Last February we held our first annual Valentine’s Day Fundraiser; proceeds went towards Love146 and the Red Thread Movement. We’re going to do it again this year and call it “Zeta Roses”. We will be selling roses in the Campus center of ACU for $2.00 and other flowers for $1.00. Those who purchase them will be able to write a message for the recipient and we will attach the message to the flower and deliver it anonymously to their “crush”. All of the proceeds will be going towards RTM. 

Towards the end of the semester, we plan on hosting the first annual Red Thread Gala in lieu of a formal. It will be open to the public. Not only will the ticket proceeds go towards the RTM, but awareness of sex trafficking will be spread even further.

As a club we are so excited and blessed to be able to help the oppressed women in Nepal and to work with the wonderful girls who started the movement.