mtvU Against Our Will Campaign: Survivor Poetry



by Jennifer, age unknown (read by P!nk)

I remember who I really am
The gentle and caring person that lives deep within
The one afraid to come out, for fear of being used again
I wonder when they day will come when I can let the “image” go
The day when I will no longer care if someone called me ‘hoe’
The day I can truly be me, and let my spirit free
So the world can see me for who I really am
The side of me that shines
The friendly and compassionate person I used to be
The choices I have made have shaped who I have become
Never will I regret anything I have ever done.

Alicia Keys, P!nk, and Jada Pinkett Smith voice thought-provoking poetry written by human trafficking survivors from Girls Educational and Mentoring Services.

Check out more poetry here.



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