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Freedom Friday: RESCUE

RTM Border Station

Yesterday, the following story ran in Nepal:


BHAIRAHAWA, APR 25 – “A teenage girl from Tanahu district, who was being trafficked to India by three men, was rescued from Belahiya border in Rupandehi district on Wednesday evening.

Officials of K.I. Nepal, an organisation working against human trafficking, rescued 17-year-old Sima Thapa as a group of traffickers were trying to take her across the border. The three men fled leaving behind Thapa when they were stopped at a check post. Thapa, a native of Arunodaya VDC-3 in Tanahu, was drugged by the three men she had met in a passenger bus headed for Bhimad Bazaar.  “When I woke up I was in Belahiya. They threatened to kill me if I did not do what they told me. I relented and walked along with them,” said Thapa. While two of the traffickers walked ahead to cross the border, Thapa was instructed to walk along with the third man and identify him as her uncle if inquired. Usha Gurung, in-charge of KI Nepal Belahiya check post, said Thapa’s nervous expression suggested something was suspicious about her being there with a man. “When we stopped them for questioning, she first said that the man was her uncle. Not convinced, we pressed her to tell the truth when the man ran away. She later told us what had happened to her,” said Gurung. Police Inspector Mohan Bahadur Khand of the Belahiya Area Police Office said Thapa was handed over to her parents on Thursday.”



Freedom Friday: Restoration


In honor of Freedom Friday, we want to share a story of freedom and restoration of one of the girls in Nepal:

Interviewer- Gita*, what would like to tell us about your story?

Gita- “I come from a family that is a little bit dysfunctional. My mother is abroad working as a migrant laborer and my father married another woman so I have a stepmother. In this time while my family was in disarray a man came into my life and showed me so much love. I thought he really loved me. Because I was longing for love from my family, I trusted this man, I thought he was a good man and I trusted him. Later on I realized he didn’t love me but he loved my body only. So he asked me to go to India with him. But on the way to India, I got caught at the border station. The sisters at K.I. Nepal counseled me. Once they started counseling me, I started to realize how bad this man was. They offered me an option- instead of going with this man, I could go to K.I. Nepal and learn a skill and a trade.

And I felt like I must do something, and I can do something. I want to show the people that I am not that kind of person and I am came to K.I. Nepal. I learned a lot when I came here. I learned a skill. I found the love that had not been a part of my life. I was so loved. I cannot even express how much I was loved. I learned a skill here and I am happy. I learned here about Jesus, and that God redeemed me, he forgave all my sins. Not only did I learn a skill, they helped me to stand on my own two feet. Now they have started a business for me. I never got so much love in my own family. But I have gotten that love here. I am so happy, way beyond my imagination. I want to be an example for other girls. I want to encourage others that they could learn this skill that I’m learning… so other sisters could have this opportunity.”

Overcome by emotions, Gita abruptly gets up. Linda, founder of Eternal Threads, embraces her, comforting her.

If you would like to support Gita and others, go to

*Name changed for security reasons.