Made Fair

Fashion is a force. Be a force for freedom.

Want to make your wardrobe more social justice friendly but don’t know where to start? When looking for ethically made clothing, look for the following:

Fair Trade – This means the company adheres to the principles we previously listed in the post “What is Fair Trade?”

Made in USA, Canada, UK, or Denmark – All of these countries require and enforce fair wages and safe working conditions and prohibit child labor and forced labor. This means that products from these countries are ethically made. However, this does NOT mean the materials used to make them are ethically sourced, so make sure that the materials used are also either from one of these countries or Fair Trade certified.

Finally, if you come across a company that you believe uses ethical means to create their products, but are not Fair Trade certified or use materials that are not made in the above countries, it never hurts to ask. Look up the company’s contact information and email or call to find out more about their social responsibility.

This entire outfit is ethically made and from socially conscious companies. Everything is Fair Trade certified except the Bullet Blues jeans, which are made in the USA and made from denim made in the USA.

Red Thread Movement Black T-shirt ($20.00) Bullet Blues BB Babe– Nuit ($169.99), Eternal Threads Black Crocheted Lace Headband ($6.00), Red Thread Movement Bracelet ($3.00), RebelSoles tooTOOS 4*BOW Red ($60.00)

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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

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