Bought At A Price

Bought At a Price

Congratulations! You got a great deal while shopping today! First, it was inexpensive to start, but with the in-store sale and your 20% of coupon, you paid next to nothing! They practically gave it to you! What a deal! What a steal!

We often talk, or even brag, about our bargain finds. Unfortunately, someone probably paid dearly for that low price. A little boy that should be in school spent his day picking the cotton, a man in slavery, working with toxic chemicals, dyed the fabric, and a teenage girl spent over 12 hours in a hazardous factory, all so that you could get a good deal. That “steal” steals innocence, childhoods, freedom, and ultimately lives. We rarely think of the consequences of our purchasing decisions.

What if, instead, we focused on the person behind the product? This outfit is entirely comprised of ethical clothing, and each piece has a story:

The headband and brooch were hand-crocheted in India by women who, because they receive Fair Trade wages, are able to provide for their families’ needs. The bracelet and tank top were made by Nepalese girls in a safe house who have been rescued from human trafficking and are now learning to sew so that they can go back to their villages to start businesses. The jeans are made in Liberia, by women working to provide for their families and earning a sustainable income. Finally, the sandals are made by high school graduates in Uganda and provide employment during the 9 month gap between high school and university so that they can earn and save enough money to pay for college tuition.

Your purchase of this particular outfit directly and positively affected the lives of at least six women and indirectly affects countless others both in the near future and for generations to come. For $156.00, you can make a difference AND have a cute new outfit; have your cake and eat it too so to speak. And that, my friends, is a sweet deal!

Red Thread Movement Red Floral Chiffon/Cotton Tank ($18.00), Prana Capri Blue Kara Jean ($75.00), Eternal Threads Teal Crocheted Lace Headband ($6.00), Eternal Threads Cream Crocheted Flower Brooch ($5.00), Red Thread Movement Bracelet ($3.00), Sseko Designs Black Sandal ($49.00)


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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

One response to “Bought At A Price

  • Tammy

    Ouch! Just was sharing how I saved so much money on something. We should all stop and think! So very true. Think I will place a Red Thread order TODAY. I challenge everyone else to do the same.

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