Not Just Yoga Anymore

Not Just Yoga Anymore

When Fair Trade clothing first came on the scene, it mainly consisted of stretchy pants and t-shirts, but Fair Trade is growing. Fair Trade doesn’t just mean yoga pants anymore! From casual wear to business attire to formal wear, Fair Trade has it all!

There are many great companies that offer Fair Trade high fashion. This particular outfit was comprised by special request for a nice outdoor summer event.

So next time you are invited to an upscale event, think Fair Trade. Not only will you look divine, but you will have a fabulous answer to “Where did you get that dress?”

Tropical Items Two-Tone Polka Dot Hat in Black ($59.99), Mata Traders Glam Noir Dress ($49.99), Radiant Cosmetics  Madrid Matte Lipstick ($22.00),  Radiant Cosmetics  Volumizing Mascara ($24.00), Eternal Threads Crystal Tear Drop Set ($24.00), Eternal Threads Black Forever Xee Bracelet ($15.00), Oliveira Black Kandy Heels ($98.00)


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