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Eternal Threads

Even though we flew completely different routes, amazingly we all arrived within a few minutes of each other at the Kathmandu airport on Friday morning.  Unfortunately some of the luggage for Abby’s extended stay here in Nepal didn’t make it, but they will be here on the 2nd.  

After a quick rest, shower and some lunch we went to visit the new offices of KI Nepal which up until now had been in Ramesh’s home.  Ramesh had invited a young woman to join us that he wanted me to meet.  Her name is Rashmi.  A beautiful young women with amazing blue eyes who has been deaf since birth.  Her husband signed and translated for us.  She is a very accomplished artist naturally and is now studying at Kathmandu University.  She draws all of the anti-trafficking posters that KI Nepal distributes to police stations, bus and train stations, schools, etc…

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