It’s 2014. Ditch the resolution and start a revolution!

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On June 13th 2011, my business partner and I launched Sevenly. A social good e-commerce company who partners with a new charity every week and donates $7 from every purchase to that charity’s cause.

Fast forward 2 years, 6 months, 5 days, and we have donated over $3,000,000 in $7 donations to charities and have supported over 1 million people! As I look back, we’ve raised money to fight everything from female gendercide in China and domestic violence in Mexico to suicide prevention in the U.S. and extreme hunger in East Africa. We’ve partnered with over 100 different charities supporting people in more than 80 countries. Wow… It humbles me every time I think about it. But, my question for you is this…

What if we didn’t?

What if we didn’t start Sevenly? What if we gave up? What if we got frustrated? What if we allowed fear to stop us? Sure there were moments of extreme stress, loss of sleep, intense resistance, and even sheer burnout. But I’ll say it again, “what if we didn’t?”

As I took a moment to reflect on the answer to this question, it almost brought me to tears. Here is the answer: Girls would still be trafficked, children would have died from drinking dirty water, women would be stuck in abusive relationships, and families would be fatally sick. This is not make believe, this is reality. The $3 million we’ve raised has literally saved people’s lives.

So, I ask you again, “What if we didn’t?” I think you’re getting the picture now.

My point is this, the decisions to chase our dreams go far beyond our own lives. While I was focused on building a great business that did some good for the world, I had not even connected, until now, that if we didn’t start Sevenly, people would actually lose their lives. So what is your dream? What’s stopping you from chasing it. What could the world look like if it works? Better yet, whose lives would you change?

Here is your permission. Go out there! Be bold. Be brave. Fight the good fight. Create something that matters and change the course of someone’s life, forever. Your ideas really are, that important.



Hey everyone! It’s Breahna, Director of Red Thread Movement, encouraging you to gather your courage and take a leap of faith this year! Not quite sure how to start your REVOLUTION? Check out the following ideas:

1. Raise Awareness, Raise FundsPure Charity allows anyone to raise money for their favorite cause through traditional online crowdfunding AND your everyday online purchases! So check it out, follow Eternal Threads, and start fundraising a whole new way!

2.  Petition for Freedom – Go to sites like Chain Store Reaction and to sign petitions against human trafficking and slavery.

3. Rock the RED – Commit to  wearing your Red Thread Movement bracelet every day and telling at least 1 person a week about how you are combating human trafficking in Nepal.

4. Become an Abolition AmbassadorSell RTM bracelets at your school, church and/or work. Become a Sevenly Ambassador. Turn your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog into a medium for FREEDOM.

5. Wear Fair – Commit to a year of sustainable choices. Check out Grace Holt’s blog, Living with the Holts, for great ideas about Fair Trade products and upcycling secondhand clothing!


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The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery in Nepal. View all posts by redthreadmovement

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