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Educational Opportunities for Rescued Girls!


As well as receiving sewing and beautician training in the safe homes, many of the rescued girls have the opportunity to finish high school. This makes them eligible to study for the SLC exam which every student in Nepal takes after high school. Can you imagine how many more opportunities they will have with higher education?

The following is Shanta’s story:

Shanta grew up in one of the rural villages of Nepal, and had a difficult family life. Her father left the family for another woman, and her mother is elderly and sick. Shanta is the youngest of several sisters. She felt desperate to find a job to make money for her family so she and a friend decided to travel to India to look for a job to help support their families. At the border of Nepal they were stopped by KI Nepal staff and warned against the dangers of trafficking. Shanta decided to go to the KI Nepal safe home and learn a trade. She loved being in the safe house and her maturity and kind spirit were a great role model for the other girls. After staying for a few months, KI Nepal opened a new safe home in Kathmandu. Shanta took the opportunity to live in this safe home and study for her SLC exam. There she became a mentor to the other girls. At this time her goal is to pass the exam and start college soon.

*Name changed for protection