Monthly Archives: October 2014


Living in a safe homes for rescued girls was a profound and rich experience.  I loved learning about their culture, language and daily habits.  Structure for these girls is very important when they live in a safe home.  Daily routine and house-keeping tasks provide security and stability.

I found it interesting how the meals are prepared.  In Nepal food is always fresh, and cooked just for that day.  There is hardly any waste or leftovers.  In our safe home, the girls take turns (two at a time) making the meals each day.  As in any group home, there are different cooking skill levels.  Most of the girls have learned to cook in their homes.  One of the girls I was very close with (we’ll call her Sita) was a good cook.  However, she didn’t think she was.  “I am not a good cook!” Sita would say.  Of course, the rest of us enthusiastically told her how much we love her food!


In photo: one of the girls preparing roti

Cooking was often a fun group activity.  Sometimes girls would help out even if it wasn’t their turn.  A “favorite” item for the girls (and myself) is roti.  Roti is similar to a tortilla, made from scratch with whole wheat flour.

The girls were always willing to show me how they cook.  One day I wanted to learn how to make the dough for roti.  There were many giggles and laughs from the girls as they watched me roll out the dough.  To no surprise, my roti did not look as good as theirs.  Lumpy and bumpy best describes my work!  The girls, however, praised me for my efforts.  And we ate it anyway!


In photo: Prepared roti

These girls are such a treasure to everyone around them!  I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have lived with them and learn so much from them.