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In the Midst of Tragedy, Hope Springs Forth!

When I heard about the earthquake in Nepal, I was on a women’s retreat. One of the other ladies on the retreat had grown up in Nepal. Since I wasn’t sure where the earthquake was and how serious or widespread the damage, I asked her about it. She told me of the severity, which caused some anxiety for me. Were my friends, or as I think of them, my “Nepali Family” okay? Thinking of the staff I got so close with during my time there, and the rescued girls and other staff working throughout the country, my heart became heavy. I Facebook messaged an especially close staff member. Thankfully she responded quickly, saying she and the rest of the staff and girls in that area were safe. However, she said (at that point), that a few thousand in Nepal were found dead.

Nepal Earthquake

It didn’t really hit me until I got back from the retreat and looked at articles online. Nepal is a beautiful country with kind-hearted people. They are hard-working, yet the majority struggle with poverty. This makes them more vulnerable to natural disasters than many other countries. They were not prepared for this tragedy, and are now struggling to pick up the pieces. My heart breaks for those who have passed away or are injured. So many deaths, and so many missing! I cannot imagine the difficulties they face. It makes my first-world frustrations and “problems” look like nothing.

I am not in Nepal right now. But here are a few things I know to be true for Nepalese people as a whole:

  • Nepali people are strong and determined
  • They look for the positive in things
  • They are grateful for what they have

Because of these and several other resilient qualities, I firmly believe that the people of Nepal will not only service this tragedy, but will come through it stronger than they were before.


Though they are far away physically, they are still our neighbors. WHAT WILL WE DO to support them, to help them overcome this tragedy? Stay informed about what’s being done to help our fellow man, and spread the word! Another practical way is to donate funds. 100% of your donation will go directly to the relief efforts in Nepal. Few organizations can say that! Simply go to and type “Nepal Relief, next to Program-Other.

The Nepali Government has entrusted 6 specific municipalities within the Gorkha region (the area most severely affected by the earthquake) to our Partner and his team to provide immediate care – tents, blankets, food and water supplies. In all, they have been entrusted with the care of approx. 36,000 people in this region. An initial shipment of tents has been sourced in India. Over $50,000 has been donated so far through Eternal Threads (, and more is needed!